AU: 3.0
Programme: PHIL(HSS)

This course provides a broad overview of the major philosophical issues associated with science to students without a background in philosophy. It introduces the views on the distinctive features of science and scientific progress espoused by such influential philosophers as Popper, Kuhn, and Lakatos. It also examines issues related to causation, confirmation, explanation, scientific inference, scientific realism, and laws of nature.


The content is not heavy at all. I would say it is even lighter than Astro. However don’t be misled by the title. If you come from a science or engineering faculty, this module would not be any easier for you just because the word “Science” is in the title. It has little or nothing to do with chemistry or physics, rather, it focuses on why we perform science in the first place and how the practice of science changes through time.

Do not be afraid of Philosophy. Don’t be afraid of big words that might perplex you. In fact, philosophy professors in NTU would tell you that they prefer it when you are as direct as possible when it comes to your work. Best part of this module? No finals. This module is examined by 2 short MCQ quizzes. Less than 20 questions each. There are also 2 essays to write. The professor that teaches this module was also kind enough to teach us how to write a philosophy essay for those who are unfamiliar.