AU: 3.0
Programme: HSS

This course introduces the French language, culture and civilization to complete beginners. Students will learn the basics of the French language through a textbook and a work book developed specifically for the needs of NTU students. Audio and video resources are also integrated into the course to expose students to authentic language use. They will learn the most common verbs, words and sentence constructions in French. During class, they will role-play, answer simple questions orally, watch videos, read texts and dialogues, and write simple essays.


Mr Francais is one of the best French teacher for the foundation course in French language (based on reviews by my friends who have taken the course). He builds up our foundation in the first lesson by teaching us how to pronounce the French alphabets (although it's not needed for this course). The first few lessons are tough, but I appreciate it towards the end of the semester as it becomes very easy to study the sentence structures taught. This is unlike another French class that I managed to crash unknowingly, where the tutor just start with the syllabus and do not care much about the students' progress.

Mr Francais' class is usually quite fun. He allows us to make mistakes in class so that we can learnt from them. Our progress is also monitored as he often ask us to 'fill in the blanks' in class. Also, he helps to sustain our interest in the language, by introducing French songs of various genres to us (although I was more interested in K-pop then). If I had taken this module earlier, I would very much want to do the second level course with him.