AU: 3.0
Programme: HSS

This course is meant for students who already possess an introductory level of proficiency in the language. The course is constructed following the same structure as Level 1, using the same textbook. The various topics of daily life introduced in Italian Level 1 will be broadened allowing more class discussions and conversations. Throughout the course, students will learn to use more complex grammar and structures to express likes, dislikes and preferences, relate events in the past, give commands and suggestions, use polite expressions and talk about their town, country and celebrations. Role-plays, team-work and project works will engage the students in meaningful and authentic communicative activities. They will be using the language in different scenarios and real-life situations such as going shopping, buying clothes, buying groceries, collecting information from travel agencies, ordering food at a restaurant etc. Students will enhance their knowledge of Italian culture and customs as well through class discussions, videos and extracts of Italian movies.