AU: 3.0
Programme: HSS

Any student, who has successfully passed Spanish Language Level 1 (or equivalent), is eligible to take this course. It is a continuation of the previous level, where more verb tenses (present progressive and imperative) are introduced along with extensive vocabulary, grammar and expressions. This course mainly focuses on communication, where audio-visual materials play a more important role than written materials. Students are supposed to have a basic knowledge of the language in order to be able to cope with this level. Throughout the course, students will learn to use more complex grammar and structures to express actions such as asking for a favour, and giving commands and suggestions. They will also be able to create dialogues based on real-life situations (buying food and clothes, visiting the doctor, asking for and giving directions, ordering food at a restaurant). Issues about Hispanic culture will be used for listening comprehension and oral interaction to help students to increase their knowledge and gain a better understanding of this rich culture.