AU: 3.0
Programme: PHY(SPS)

This course introduces basic notions of Electric, Magnetic fields and circuits. Electric fields - Coulomb?s law, electric field & potential; Gauss? law; capacitors and capacitance; Current of electricity; Ohm?s Law; Microscopic model of electrical conduction. Kirchoff?s laws; RC circuits. Magnetic fields ? Biot-Savart?s Law and Ampere?s law; Lorentz force; Hall effect; mass spectrometer; JJ Thompson?s experiment; magnetic flux; Gauss?s Law of magnetism; Faraday?s and Lenz?s law; transformers; inductors and inductance. Electrical circuits - voltage, current and resistance; Oscillations in circuits - LC circuits and relative phases; complex current and voltage; complex impedance; LCR circuits and electrical resonance. High pass filters and low pass filters. Electromagnetic Waves ? properties of electromagnetic waves; Poynting vector.