AU: 3.0
Programme: REP

This course introduces students to the current issues in the world economy. These include economic growth, stagnation, volatility, government policy, international cooperation. As well as inculcating factual knowledge it gives students a sound background in macroeconomic and trade theory. It also makes them aware of the unprecedented challenges that will be faced by consumers, businesses and governments in the new global economy. The course proceeds in thirteen weekly sessions (39 hours in all) from a study of the market economy to the national income, the circular flow, total demand, money and banking and international economics. It will also include a discussion of new economic problems such as world health outcomes and the ageing population. The course includes six seminars in which students give presentations on an independent (group) research project and four discussion sessions in which the students ensure that they have a good understanding of the material covered in lectures and in the textbook.